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“The Deliberately Confusing”
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Caversham Mill Restaurant Menu

The Lamb Chilindron Story

Pronounced “gilindron” and without a hint of chili this is something I learnt during lockdown…

When prepping to re-open Caversham Mill Restaurant I was in desperate need of booze to cook with. Quite happy not to have booze to serve, but you do need it to cook. Begging and borrowing from friends wasn’t working as everyone had pretty much finished everything; until Clive Foss from the Nottingham Road Hotel came through with a bottle of sherry, which is much appreciated.

So we went Spanish with a Lamb Knuckle Stew that is absolutely amazing. And a journey I would probably never have taken, but for lockdown, Cyril and Clive…

Ah, Caversham’s Zulu Spring Roll; an invention of accident by destiny!

The thing with a staff meal is it means peers cooking for peers; there is pressure to impress. A menu is practice and training, cooking for your colleagues requires a certain confidence. Walking into the kitchen one day I smelt something delightful and asked what was going on; it was the staff meal. After tasting it I insisted we find a way to put it onto our menu so we created a “Zulu Spring Roll”. These are filled with proper dinkum chakalaka; the not the stuff you find in tins in supermarkets for a braai; this is real chakalaka. The spring rolls are served with plum and soy dipping sauces.

The Zulu Spring Roll

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