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Arts & Crafts on the Midlands Meander

Are you looking for dazzling arts & crafts on the Midlands Meander, near to Caversham Mill? Then read on to see what this picturesque piece of KZN has to offer locals and tourists alike. The local artists on the Meander take pride in their creations and it shows.

There are a few community-based initiatives that support local women so rest-assured that your money will be well-spent. Browse through crafts that include colourful grass mats, exquisite ceramics, intricate handcrafted wood products, hammocks and so much more.

As you drive through the scenic Midlands Meander, you will no-doubt come across an array of local crafters. These creative individuals offer large selections of unique and truly beautiful art and crafts. Looking for an unusual gift or curio for that special someone? The Meander has what you need. It is a true hub of unique artistic creations.

A country treasure of arts and craft await you on the Midlands Meander

  • Bronze sculptures – If you’re looking for bronze sculptures for sale in South Africa, then the Midlands should be your first stop. Commission or purchase a piece from a celebrated artist. The stunning artworks are made by deeply passionate creators that take pride in their work. The attention to detail is truly amazing and will leave you awe-inspired.
  • Ceramics – Shop internationally renowned ceramic sculptures from some of the finest artists and crafters in South Africa. The KZN Midlands is home to some of the worlds most esteemed ceramicists that produce visually stunning, imaginative art.
  • Stained-glass artwork – Exquisite stained glass doors, windows, lamps and more are what you can expect to find on your visit to the Meander. Many of these amazing works of art are handcrafted and produced locally. Feast your eyes on a selection of the very best in unique or custom crafted pieces.
  • Hand crafted leather goods – Are you interested in quality, fine leather goods handcrafted in South Africa? The Midlands Meander is where you will find them. Shop a range of shoes, belts, bags and more all carefully made by skilled, dedicated artisans. Many of the artists bring a unique local flair, passion, and rich African heritage to their customers. They have a passion for creativity and design that you will not see anywhere else
  • Grass mat makers, seamstresses & crochet products – Why not purchase some of these carefully crafted pieces from a community-based initiative supporting women in Mooi River. These women take their craft seriously so expect quality products that give back to the local community. Find fun, exciting and decorative pieces that will bring colour to your home.
  • PotteryDargle Valley Pottery has a large range of pottery that is sure to delight you. Their range of pottery will make great gifts for any occasion. Expect great service here. The Midlands is home to many other accomplished potters that create fascinating treasures that we are sure will captivate you. These artists certainly bring new meaning to the term “local is lekker.”
  • Heavenly Hammocks – Shop customisable hammock designs for outdoor use that will have you swinging all day. There are a unique range of meticulously designed, quality pieces that combine strength, style and comfort. Bring a touch of uniqueness to your outdoor space today.
  • Hand crafted Belgian chocolates – Indulge in an extensive range of decadent chocolates that will have your taste buds screaming with delight. Enjoy the finest imported Belgian candy sure to put you in chocolate heaven. If you’re ready for a chocolate adventure, visit the Midlands Meander today.
  • Award-winning cheeses – Visiting the Meander would not be complete without indulging in a bit of cheese tasting. Enjoy delectable cheeses that are sure to be a delight for all palates. Depending on the time of the year, you can expect cheeses that range from Brie styled to Pecorino and Gorgonzola.
  • Bead art – For outstanding beaded artwork and jewellery, a visit to the Meander is a must. There are a highly-skilled group of women internationally recognized for their stunning work. Their bead work can be viewed in New York and Sweden as well as the Johannesburg Art Gallery.
  • Candle dipping – If candles are your thing then you need to check out the different shapes, sizes and colours at Piggly Wiggly. Candle dipping is just one of the many forms of entertainment you can expect at this famous venue on the Meander. A great activity for both adults and kids alike.
  • Weavers – The Midlands Meander is also home to handcrafted carpets and rugs made by skilled weavers. A delightful mix of colour and exquisite designs awaits you when you visit any of the weaving shops along the Meander arts and crafts route. The artists are passionate about design and textiles and offer high quality, locally produced goods.

Explore and experience South Africa’s most popular arts & crafts route

Are you staying at Caversham Mill and looking for something to do nearby? Situated a mere 9 minutes drive from Balgowan is Nottingham Road. This quaint town is home to Shuttleworth Weavers. Why not spend the day checking out their bespoke range of rugs, throws and wearables?

The Midlands Meander arts and crafts route is home to a broad-spectrum of established, internationally renowned artists and crafters. This creative community sell their wares to a global audience. They create diverse, unique treasures that will have you coming back for more.